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  Margery Hadley

   Archives consultant

  Research agent

  Writer / editor



   Working with



  Heritage sites  


  Writers & publishers

  Public agencies


  Families and

     individuals (details)




  Research Services                                                             

  Primary source research - archival records in all formats and media

  Photographic image searches                                                                                              

  Document searches                                                                                                               

  Internet research

  Research Services information sheet available on request

    Research specialties  

      Community and regional history

      Biography and family history, genealogy, vital records research (details)

      Historical photography & photographic records  

      Heritage buildings, sites & resources

      Exploration, travel and tourism history

      Railway and settlement history

      Cultural and historical geography

      Environmental history and landscape change

      Heritage exhibitions / displays - research & writing


 Writing and Editing Services

     Writing and editing for books, magazines, e-publications, websites,

       academic papers, museum and heritage displays

     Experienced copy and graphics editor
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