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 Margery Hadley

  Archives consultant

  Research agent

  Writer / editor



  Working with



   Heritage sites  


   Writers & publishers

   Public agencies


   Families and

       individuals (details)




Archives Services   

Whatever you need to make your archives program thrive!   A wide range of archives consultancy services

are available for your archives, museum, not-for-profit, business, family or personal archives:


  Needs assessments, program planning, policy development, project management

  Proposal development and grant writing

  Collections management

  Records surveys, appraisal and selection, arrangement & description

  On-line, electronic and hard-copy finding aids

  Implementation of standardized description (Rules for Archival Description - RAD)

  Databases: upgrading, conversion

  Preservation management, preventive conservation, disaster preparedness

  Promotional tools

  Inter-agency planning & cooperation

  On-site training

  ALSO:  Family and personal archives services


Read about a project: see the AABC Newsletter, June 2009, p.3,6,7,8     

Information about clients served and projects completed available on request Margery Hadley copyright 2008-2014