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 Margery Hadley

  Archives consultant

  Research agent

  Writer / editor



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Family and personal archives  

  Overwhelmed by how much family and personal history you have accumulated?

  Determining long-term value - for family, community, and your own future use

  Downsizing: what to keep, what to pass onto others, and what to toss

  Storing documents and photographs for long-term preservation

  Arranging and describing your collection so that you can find specific items

  Using a basic computer database to describe and keep track of materials

  Producing copies for family, friends and ease of storage


Dealing with a lifetime accumulation of personal and family history can be a daunting task.

I can help you determine what to keep, how to store it, and how to retrieve it for use and  enjoyment.



Family history research / Genealogy 

  Prompt response to requests for genealogical information

  Copies of archival documents available in printed and electronic formats

  Suggestions for your own personal involvement in searching for your family history Margery Hadley copyright 2008-2014